Taking Action Against Breast Cancer

Linda Hurtado: Taking Action

I’ve been a health reporter for 15 years.  I’ve held the hand of a woman who previously lost two babies as she delivered another into the world. Her baby was blue. I played video games with a seven year old who had brain cancer, discovered during an eye exam, thinking but there for the grace of God go I. My daughter’s eye exam resulted in glasses. I’ve waited with two families as their infants remained hospitalized waiting on a new heart. I witnessed the arrival of one heart and cried as doctors decided which baby would live.

But now, I’ve been the patient and that was an uncomfortable place for me to be. But I will share as much as I can, as you all have had the courage to share with me.

I am a reporter and a story teller. I am a wife and mother. And now I am a breast cancer survivor.

My thoughts:

Your children are your legacy.
Your family will see you through.
Helping others is the greatest gift you can give yourself.